So I decided I needed a somewhat professional looking  portrait to help with job hunting. I thought if I have a blog or can include my picture with a resume I could stick in potential employer’s brains longer.  I took about an hour (shower, pick clothes, pose for myself, and touch up) and this is what I got.


I hate pictures of myself but I needed to do this. Let me know what you think. Should I have been smiling? are my hands weird? Do I look like I am staring a hole into you? Is all the pink in my mother’s living room a distraction?



I posted before that I want to make my blog look like MY blog, but I don’t know how to script. I found this tool called PSD2CSS. It has a learning curb but I think it will be much simpler than learning enough CSS to make something I’m proud of.

Let me know if you know of anything better, or if you know anything about this tool that could help me out!

Brother got the Playstation Move today. He was at school so I was forced to go pick it up and test it out. It is so addicting! The best part is after you play for 2 hours you don’t have that droning video game headache. Instead, I was sweating blood and am still suffering cramps in my back and shoulder. The “Wii for big boys” is awesome!

I’m so glad I didn’t have to drop the money for it. (There are some perks to living at home)

Yes, there are some of us out there that still prefer to design websites with Photoshop, not CSS because I want my imagination to limit my creativeness, not my coding abilities.

Check out the 5th technique on the page. The first 4 are pretty basic, but the 5th is something new and really hot in web design right now.

(Oh, and I’m sure I’d love to design in CSS if I was better at it. I’m sure if anyone read these I’d get some hate comments on my above comment.)

Does anyone know a good tutorial that shows how I can make my own WordPress theme? or at least customize the background and/or side bars? I’d like to through a little of my own style in on this. I picked this theme because I wanted it simplistic, buti’s just boring and I feel there is no guide for a readers eyes…

So one thing I am doing to help expand my design “skills” is to constantly check up on other popular blogs. Here is one from I really like…

It is a bunch of high-res Photoshop brushes.

Check it out

(I hope to find a better way to post these without just slipping in a URL)

OK, I started this graduate thing pumped and ready to go! about 3 weeks ago… I was excited to come home, have a room that was mine and didn’t have to be torn down every week. I would be able to eat like a normal human, and I didn’t have the (wonderful) distraction of friends living either in my house or around the corner.

Then the speed bumps hit…

I couldn’t get fully moved in, I had every glitch possible with my portfolio, I was discouraged by the lack of jobs available, and the good old family. These speed bumps straight up flattened my tires.

But today I got back on track. I applied to more jobs than I thought I would, I get a face-to-face tomorrow in Platteville! (thanks to an awesome friend with some hook ups!) and I found a ton of ad agencies looking to hire around Milwaukee and Chicago!

That is enough exclamation points for one post and I don’t want to ramble anymore.

I think I have some work to do on blogging. I hope everyone keeps coming back and hopefully I will be able to post at least one picture per post from now on. I’m thinking that will make these more interesting.

Thanks again for everyone supporting me (!)