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I don’t know how many, if anybody was really reading my posts when I first started this up last October, if you are one of those people I am sorry for my laziness. I think I have experienced some stages involved in graduating, career hunting and starting a new chapter. This last stage was not a fun one. I went through a lot of depression and doubt. I thought that the fact that I hadn’t found a job meant I was worthless. I got stuck in a hole and the idea of crawling out never occurred. I just sat there at the bottom feeling sorry for myself waiting for someone or something to come save me. This is not the way to go about things.

So I am starting over! with a new attitude and expectations of myself. I hope I can bring back my old readers and hopefully get some new ones. I’d love to hear from you and things you are going through. Please leave a comment or e-mail me.




I was all pumped when I got this blog going. I was ready to learn how to customize the look to make it my own. I was going to put my ‘work’ life in here. My ups and downs, personal and not so personal. Then I just stopped. IT’S HARD! I ready blogs type sites everyday, Gizmodo, Smashing, Inspiredm, Noupe, PetaPixel, JasmineStar, but I can’t seem to find stuff to write about. It has shown me that I really don’t do that much. This is going to have to change.

This is my comeback post! LETS DO WORK!!

I  have to credit YouTube and the wonderful programmers/creators of Photoshop for starting me out in my design career. It was the ease of Photoshop (this is compared to former methods of photo manipulation) and the simple tutorials on YouTube that helped me create me first “work of art.” I didn’t pay to go to a fancy art school, and didn’t put the leg work in that many designers at that time had; and professional designers that saw this happening around the world were probably disgusted. I’m glad this “ease of learning revolution” took place.

When setting up my class schedule while in college I didn’t want to take Photo I because I didn’t care to take the time to learn film photography or pay the fees for rolls of film and numerous mistakes, but as soon as the school switched over to all digital photography I jumped on as soon as possible. It was easier and cheaper. I could take hundreds of photos of a single object until I had everything perfect. I caught on pretty fast and am beyond happy that I took the classes. I am now  into photography more than I ever thought I would be.

Now I am the one that is more scared than disgusted… With CS5 and new better cameras coming out every week, it seems like anyone can pick up a camera, snap a shot in studio quality and then take it into Photoshop and have the program do anything and everything to it. People can do this with little to no training at all. I feel like I may have picked a profession that is getting harder and harder to be the best in.

I just need to keep faith in the idea that maybe I have something in me that can recognize good design and apply it, because no matte how easy Photoshop or photography may become layout and good design come from the person not the program.

Here is a commercial PetaPixel posted a couple days ago that got me thinking…

So I decided I needed a somewhat professional looking  portrait to help with job hunting. I thought if I have a blog or can include my picture with a resume I could stick in potential employer’s brains longer.  I took about an hour (shower, pick clothes, pose for myself, and touch up) and this is what I got.


I hate pictures of myself but I needed to do this. Let me know what you think. Should I have been smiling? are my hands weird? Do I look like I am staring a hole into you? Is all the pink in my mother’s living room a distraction?


I posted before that I want to make my blog look like MY blog, but I don’t know how to script. I found this tool called PSD2CSS. It has a learning curb but I think it will be much simpler than learning enough CSS to make something I’m proud of.

Let me know if you know of anything better, or if you know anything about this tool that could help me out!

Brother got the Playstation Move today. He was at school so I was forced to go pick it up and test it out. It is so addicting! The best part is after you play for 2 hours you don’t have that droning video game headache. Instead, I was sweating blood and am still suffering cramps in my back and shoulder. The “Wii for big boys” is awesome!

I’m so glad I didn’t have to drop the money for it. (There are some perks to living at home)

Does anyone know a good tutorial that shows how I can make my own WordPress theme? or at least customize the background and/or side bars? I’d like to through a little of my own style in on this. I picked this theme because I wanted it simplistic, buti’s just boring and I feel there is no guide for a readers eyes…