I  have to credit YouTube and the wonderful programmers/creators of Photoshop for starting me out in my design career. It was the ease of Photoshop (this is compared to former methods of photo manipulation) and the simple tutorials on YouTube that helped me create me first “work of art.” I didn’t pay to go to a fancy art school, and didn’t put the leg work in that many designers at that time had; and professional designers that saw this happening around the world were probably disgusted. I’m glad this “ease of learning revolution” took place.

When setting up my class schedule while in college I didn’t want to take Photo I because I didn’t care to take the time to learn film photography or pay the fees for rolls of film and numerous mistakes, but as soon as the school switched over to all digital photography I jumped on as soon as possible. It was easier and cheaper. I could take hundreds of photos of a single object until I had everything perfect. I caught on pretty fast and am beyond happy that I took the classes. I am now  into photography more than I ever thought I would be.

Now I am the one that is more scared than disgusted… With CS5 and new better cameras coming out every week, it seems like anyone can pick up a camera, snap a shot in studio quality and then take it into Photoshop and have the program do anything and everything to it. People can do this with little to no training at all. I feel like I may have picked a profession that is getting harder and harder to be the best in.

I just need to keep faith in the idea that maybe I have something in me that can recognize good design and apply it, because no matte how easy Photoshop or photography may become layout and good design come from the person not the program.

Here is a commercial PetaPixel posted a couple days ago that got me thinking…