So am creating a logo for someone’s popcorn which will be sold at the Evansville Farmer’s Market. If you didn’t know, I created the new logo for the Farmers Market. I recently had some problems with it. I knew the logo would have to be resized so when I created it I do it all with the pen tool, but in Photoshop. So when they wanted to get it printed on some bags the printing company kept telling them he needed a vector file. I exported the file as an .eps, that still didn’t work , blah blah blah I ended up recreating the whole thing in Illustrator. I can’t say I’m the best in Illustrator considering the extent of my Illustrator classes in college was creating a stamp… fun. So I decided to create this logo from scratch in Illustrator. It’s pretty simple and I think I could have done it in Photoshop in  30 min but it took me like 6 hours in Illustrator.

Anyway I would like you to let me know what you think. Especially if you are good with Illustrator.  I feel it’s lacking a little something but since I am not the most familiar with illustrator I need to pointers. The popcorn I think bothers me the most, I would like to make it a little more real. In Photoshop I’d create some of the shadows within the crevices with a brush, but I’m not sure on how to do that in Illustrator.

Sorry for all the rambling in this one, I’m a little brain-dead and in a hurry.