OK, I started this graduate thing pumped and ready to go! about 3 weeks ago… I was excited to come home, have a room that was mine and didn’t have to be torn down every week. I would be able to eat like a normal human, and I didn’t have the (wonderful) distraction of friends living either in my house or around the corner.

Then the speed bumps hit…

I couldn’t get fully moved in, I had every glitch possible with my portfolio, I was discouraged by the lack of jobs available, and the good old family. These speed bumps straight up flattened my tires.

But today I got back on track. I applied to more jobs than I thought I would, I get a face-to-face tomorrow in Platteville! (thanks to an awesome friend with some hook ups!) and I found a ton of ad agencies looking to hire around Milwaukee and Chicago!

That is enough exclamation points for one post and I don’t want to ramble anymore.

I think I have some work to do on blogging. I hope everyone keeps coming back and hopefully I will be able to post at least one picture per post from now on. I’m thinking that will make these more interesting.

Thanks again for everyone supporting me (!)